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Get your fill at Mobil

Get your fill at Mobil

Fill your day with Smiles from Mobil! From August 11 to October 5, 2017, Smiles members will receive a McDonald's® $1 or $2 off coupon with every $25 fuel purchase at Mobil.

McDonald's coupons

You'll also receive a $2 discount coupon for your next $25 Mobil fuel purchase when you spend a minimum of $10 at participating McDonald's restaurants.

Offer ends on October 5, 2017, or while supply of McDonald's discount coupons, and Mobil $2 fuel discount coupons last, whichever occurs first. McDonald's discount coupons are redeemable only at participating Saipan McDonald's restaurants from August 11 until October 15, 2017, with Mobil fuel receipts attached. Mobil Smiles customers can combine the McDonald's discount coupons when making their purchase at participating McDonald's restaurants during the redemption period. McDonald's discount coupons must be surrendered at time of food purchase at McDonald's. The McDonald's discount coupons' total value redeemed must be less than or equal to the total food price purchase at McDonald's, with the monetary difference to be paid by the customer. Any balance remaining after the transaction is non-refundable. Not valid with any other McDonald's offer. Mobil $2 fuel discount coupon is redeemable from August 11 until October 15, 2017 with a minimum of $25 fuel purchase. Fleet Card and non-fuel purchases are not eligible for this promotion. See detailed terms and conditions at participating Saipan Mobil service stations or by calling our toll-free hotline at 1-866-486-7751 Monday through Friday from 10am to 7pm for more details.

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Smiles Driver Rewards Program

Smiles Driver Rewards Program

For instant redemptions, just inform the cashier of the amount of free fuel or convenience store items you wish to redeem. Your cashier will check your Smiles Points balance and deduct the required Smiles Points from your Smiles account.

  • $7 worth of Synergy fuels - 250 Smiles Points
  • $15 worth of Synergy fuels - 500 Smiles Points
  • $1 worth of Mart product* - 40 Smiles Points
  • $5 donation to the American Red Cross, Northern Mariana Islands Chapter - 200 Smiles Points

* Except alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.
Ask your cashier about the Mart specials of the month.